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Live Music: Fern Hollow Boys

From 4/19/14: The Fern Hollow Boys perform bluegrass, old time and folk music live in the SLB studio. Featuring father and son team Paul and Paul Dvorchak on guitar and mandolin, with bass player Jake Koppel.

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Video: A Behind The Scenes Look at SLB

This video was produced by Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) under a grant from The A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust at The Pittsburgh Foundation.

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The ZONE: When I Grow Up and Other Stories

The ZONE radio clubbers wrote and recorded a quick story about what they want to be when they grow up. After recording we used a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) named Logic Pro to make beats along with their story recordings.

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Project Destiny Radio Club: My Achievements

Today in Radio Club we talked about a time that we achieved something. Whether it was working hard to get a good grade on a test or just a proud moment, everyone had something inspiring to share! Everyone had a chance to run the mixing board and record their peers in the process.

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The ZONE: Zoo Story

The ZONE’s Radio Club-ers were tasked with answering these very difficult questions: “What would you do if, while at the Zoo, all the animals were released and an aggressive panda cornered you? What if you yelled ‘Stop!’ and suddenly discovered you could speak to animals?”

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Clairton CASTLE: Alien Stories

Radio clubbers at Clairton’s CASTLE program wrote and recorded stories about making first contact with an alien species. Unfortunately, most of the aliens turned out to be more like the titular alien in “Alien” rather than like an E.T. or a Mork or a Chewbacca.

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The ZONE: Audio Mad Lib

The ZONE’s Radio Clubers received access to Netbooks, with which they assembled a Mad Lib from previously recorded audio fragments. Most recordings had transformed into the Beatle’s “Revolution 9″-esque mishmashes before they’d even unleashed the “Pitch Bender” feature upon them.