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Live Music: The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers From 02/06/2016: Appalachian bluegrass with The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, featuring Gary Antol (guitar, vocals), Libby Eddy (fiddle, vocals), Joe Dep (clawhammer banjo) and Ed Croft (upright bass, vocals). Read the full story »

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Video: A Behind The Scenes Look at SLB This video was produced by Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) under a grant from The A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust at The Pittsburgh Foundation.

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From There to Here…2015/2016 As part of their Fall 2015 Social Studies unit, thirty-five Winchester Thurston School fifth graders interviewed people who came to the Pittsburgh area from other parts of the world.

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Interview: Kim Thomas, Culture Clips From 01/30/2016: Kim Thomas of Culture Clips on their launch celebration at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Feb 4.

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Clairton CASTLE 2016: A Start of a New Semester, Round Table Story Telling, “Three Things About Me” and the Makey Makey! With the start of a new semester at Clairton School comes a new semester of Radio Club at the CASTLE after school program. It also means new Radio Clubbers!

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Clairton CASTLE 2016: A Day in the Life Students at Clairton were asked to write about their typical day--with no detail being too small. "What happens? Where do you go? What do you do? What's the best part of your day?" And, finally, "what's the worst part?"

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Clairton CASTLE 2016: My Name Students at Clairton were asked: "How did you get your name, what does it mean and how do you feel about it now?" Some were named after locations, others were "Jr"s and almost all wouldn't change their name for anything.