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Who We Are

Allegheny Voices Oral HistoryWe’re radio people.  Why radio in the age of digital cameras and YouTube?   For one, it’s a tremendous equalizer; all can participate regardless of physical capabilities or appearance.  Radio also stresses the use of fundamental language and communications skills as well as imagination, creating a sense of individual engagement that is similar to being with another human being.  Radio also provides a degree of privacy often is impossible with other media. It’s also cost effective to produce and distribute.

Founded in 1978, SLB has been at the forefront of community-oriented radio and audio for over 30 years.  Our digital broadcast studio and training facility in the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Since 2004, our flagship live program (The Saturday Light Brigade, a weekly program for kids and adults) has expanded from one to seven radio stations, while our staff has grown to 8 full-time and 2 part-time employees.   We conduct workshops year-round in our studios and in schools to over 2,000 children each year.  We’re committed to using audio and radio to amplify and distribute the voices of children and adults as well as to promote verbal literacy, listening skills, and respect of others.

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